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Pine Straw Baling
Note: Star Mfg. changed their color from red to green for the Millennium. Same machines, same parts, etc.

Waiting for pickup: Bales are stacked in 'clamps' of 15 to be picked up.
Ready to go: Clamped and tied with plastic to protect from weather.
Wheel rake: Means less work for you and helps maintain a healthier habitat for trees. Bunch of bales: Demo Day onlookers watch bales pour out. Rain didn't stop this Demo - we brought dry straw!
one bale many bales
Landscaper's dream: Acreage with unused pine straw is a missed financial opportunity: Bales can sell for $4.50 to $5 apiece.

baling pine straw raked rows
Mini Square Baler: Can bale "inline" to get in narrow rows. Up to 350 bales per hour.

Neat rows: A wheel rake makes the process even more efficient.